Real World Textured Things (RWTT) is a collection of publicly available textured 3D models, generated with modern off-the-shelf photo-reconstruction tools. The aim of this dataset is to provide a challenging benchmark for Geometry Processing algorithms targeted to parametrized, textured 3D models coming from the real world.


The dataset consists of {{nmodels}} textured models generated with various 3D reconstruction pipelines and published on SketchFab with permissive licenses.

Metrics: Each model comes with a set of metrics reflecting the quality of the mesh geometry, its parameterization and information about the texture files. The same metrics can also be computed for user-provided models using the assessment tool TexMetro

Metadata: Model descriptions and information about the authors, tags, software used and publishing dates are also available, and the data can be searched and browsed using a web interface.

Browse the repository or Download the whole dataset.

Dataset summary

  • {{nmodels}} models
  • {{large}} large models ( > 1M faces)
  • {{ntex}} models with multiple textures
  • {{softwares}} different pipelines


Andrea Maggiordomo, Federico Ponchio, Paolo Cignoni and Marco Tarini

Real-World Textured Things: a Repository of Textured Models Generated with Modern Photo-Reconstruction Tools

Computer Aided Geometric Design
Volume 83, November 2020, 10194

Visual Computing Lab - ISTI - CNR